Tuesday, June 7, 2016

You Can't Give Up

Ever have moments in your life where everything is just so ridiculously crazy?  As Christians, we go through so much.  People all around the world are going through tough times. Pain and problems just won’t stop coming. Sometimes you don’t feel like your situation will ever improve. You’re putting forth effort.  You’re trying every day. You’re giving life the best of yourself. Still, things are so bad, you don’t know whether you want to laugh or cry.  Maybe you have talent, but few opportunities.  Nobody’s knocking on your door trying to give you a chance.  You’re even turned away whenever you try to reach out to create opportunities.  Romans 8:22 reads “For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now.”
Joseph, even after being in prison for years, didn’t give up.  Abraham, had a promise from the Lord and he didn’t give up.   Noah was entrusted with a particular mission and he didn’t give up.  Ruth endured a series of awful events, but she never gave up or grew bitter.  Paul didn’t give up.  Even as he sat in prison he remained faithful to the work that God had given him.
Well, we can’t give up and I have a couple of very good reasons why.  You only need one reason. You’re alive. A live dog is better than a dead lion.  Many possibilities lie ahead.  Good things can still happen.
You’re creating a legacy for the people you love.  They’re depending on you.  Your family, your children are depending on you to create a life that benefits them.  Your children’s children can reap the benefits of your not giving up now.
The world needs what you have to offer.  The world is screaming for more quality, something that can actually improve the lives of people.  There are so many superficial endeavors in this world that demand the bulk of the attention.  Isn’t it time that something substantial blossoms and has its place in the sun? 
You can be the one to offer something real, substantial, and lasting to life.  You have purpose.  I don’t know what it is, but you’re the only one who can get the job done.  Sure, someone else can do something similar, but no one can do exactly what the Lord called you to do.
The light of victory reaches out to people.  Other people need to see you standing in your victory.  Your victory can inspire others to keep moving forward. Your victory lets other people know that they can make it.
So, you can’t give up.  Make a promise to yourself that you won’t give up.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Keep offering one prayer after another.  No matter what you feel like or what a situation looks like, the Lord does hear you. He loves you. So, keep sending up one praise after another. Thank the Lord for everything that you have, no matter how little, no matter how far away from the dream you seem to be. Keep your eyes on the Lord.
Think about this. You could be this close to your breakthrough. You could be this close to making it happen.  You could be this close to everything lining up in your favor. You could be this close to that door opening.  You could be this close to having all your heart’s desires.
Even when you seem to lose a few rounds in life, keep fighting.  Keep getting back up. Keep your optimism. Remain enthusiastic about life. While there’s still breath in your body, stay dedicated to the purpose in your heart, the calling placed on your life, and the dream that courses through you.
I’ve been through too much to give up now. I’ve come too far to turn back.  I’ve come too far to just sit this one out.   I’ve conquered too much.  I’ve learned too much.  I’ve made promises to the Lord, to myself, and to my family.  I won’t give up and you shouldn’t give up either.

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Until next time, blessings and love!

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