Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Be a Blessing Every Day

As followers of Christ, we are called to be a blessing every day.  In our hearts we are royally crowned, designed to walk with character and dignity, producing harvest that makes the Lord proud.
We were created to love God with all we do, whether it’s cooking breakfast, making the bed or finding a parking space at the mall.  Whatever you do, do it well.  Each minute we breathe, we should show up and give our best effort.  Focused on giving all He said to give, there are many ways we can be a blessing every day.    
If your family had to give you a report card, what would your grade be?  Are you anticipating the needs of those in your family and making the load lighter for someone else if and when you are able?  Are you seeing the best in your family and building them up? Let’s make sure we’re not just screaming “what about me” all the time.
Genuine support is a rare find these days.  Let’s go the extra mile, even when we don’t feel up to it.  Jesus, an expert builder, wants us to build in the lives of others. Someone somewhere can benefit from what you have to offer.  Make optimism and providing answers be your calling card. Help others whenever you can.  Put forth your best effort to work well with others.
Kindness makes you beautiful.  Sow seeds of kindness, joy and love.  Realize that you may be the only one reaching out to someone.  So, keep encouraging even when others don’t.  Call people and see how they’re doing.  Check on friends you haven’t heard from in a while.  Tell someone you love them every day.  Any of us who have ever been thirsty for encouragement should appreciate the value in offering uplifting words to the people in our lives.  Sometimes a person just needs a little inspiration or a different thought to get them propelled in the right direction.  So, seize each opportunity to give away the grace God gives to us.
Giving to another person takes nothing away from us.  We truly help ourselves by blessing and supporting others.  Be a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear. Let others know that you understand what they’re going through. My grandmother Mary used to say “the person you help won’t always be the one to help you when you’re in need.”  Remember that the Lord will always make a way for you.  Those who give water will get water.  So, invest in yourself by investing in others.
Have you encouraged someone today? Think of blessing others as your mission.  Take a zest for life with you wherever you go.  Yell out and tell someone “you look pretty today,” which happens to be something my mother does often.  Girlfriends pray for one another often and ask the Lord to give the ladies in your life strength and guidance for whatever they’re facing.  Pray for the people in your life and hold someone’s hand just to let them know they are not alone.  Offer solutions and help others achieve their goals.  Share your gifts, knowledge and lessons acquired along the way.  Congratulate, compliment and cheer for others.  Be happy when others do well. The success of others is not your failure.
Let’s love our neighbors, even when their beliefs are different than ours.  Love and embrace others even when you don’t agree with their lifestyle.  Let the ears of your heart perk when you realize you are able and blessed enough to meet the immediate need of someone else.  Send out positive vibrations.  Let your joy, happiness and positivity be a good contagion.  We can all do good things.  The Lord, King of creation, has a specific plan for you.  Open your heart and allow Him to show you exactly how you can be the greatest blessing. 

“Lord, help us to be powerful prayer warriors.  We’re eager to be a part of your will being done on earth as it is in heaven. Please keep blessing us, so that we can be a blessing to your kingdom.”

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