Monday, February 25, 2013

It's Blue Monday-Mixed Media Art Wings

"Be Thankful and REJOICE." It's Blue Monday! This happens to be my first Blue Monday. These are a pair of my mixed media wings (made with all kinds of recycled goodness). Just perfect as a door greeter or wall hanging. I'm really excited to contribute to Blue Monday. I look forward to seeing everybody's shades of blue! Thanks to Smiling Sally for hosting Blue Monday!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday-Crimson Birthday Roses

It's Wordless Wednesday! So, I guess I  really shouldn't be saying anything. I just adore the idea of Wordless Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Celebrating My 37th Birthday!

My birthday was a wonderful day. We had lunch at Applebees. My husband & babies made me feel so special all day (they always do). My kids say, "Mom, we always go to the nice restaurants on your birthday!" I sometimes believe they look forward to my birthdays more than I do. They anticipate & countdown each day that passes.  Birthdays are a big deal in our house. Not because of extravagant parties or big gifts. Rather, it's the special time the six of us get to share together, doing something different, maybe something we don't get to do everyday. We didn't get a big cake that defines a true celebration in my kids' minds. I opted for the Blue Ribbon Brownie at Applebees. It was so thick & rich. So, I took a little bite & pushed the plate over to my babies. And hey gladly handled the rest. To see them diving in, someone would've thought that neither of them had ever tasted sugar in their lives. They were happy. So, I was happy. I should've taken a photo of the plate when they were finished.

I just thank God for allowing me to see my 37th birthday. Yesterday morning, I was saddened to read about Mindy McCready (who was also 37) who won't get to see her little ones grow up. Reflecting on my life, the things others fight so hard to acquire in this world versus every true thing I truly possess, I feel blessed to have peace. I feel blessed to have Christ, His protection & favor. I feel blessed to share my life with my family. Just one day after my birthday, I look forward to keeping God the center of my life & dedicating all that I have to Him. I hope that His light shines through me. I hope that as this year progresses, I please Him more & more.

Blessings & love!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Aristotle Allen: Mr. Rogers Icon Doll

I’m soooo proud of my husband Aristotle Allen. His Mr. Rogers ICON doll is now a part of The Neighborhood Archive: A Collection of All Things Mister Rogers! I’d like to congratulate my husband & wish him continued success with his creative endeavors.

Friday, February 1, 2013

My Birthday Celebration Fabric Giveaway

To celebrate my birthday (February 18th), I have a treat for you! I’m giving away what I love: FABRIC! If you’re anything like me, you can do a thousand projects with any given piece of fabric. The beauty of fabric can send your mind in a million different creative directions or you could instantly know exactly the right project. Well, my storage room is overflowing with fabric. NOW is the perfect time to share.
This giveaway includes some rare vintage pieces (1 yard of Holly Hobby & 1 yard of Dick Tracy) that my mother has had in storage for years. I remember oohing & aahing over these designs when I was a little girl. I sold a few yards of it on Ebay for about $25 at the end of last year. There are some stains on the selvedge edge of these pieces. So, I do recommend washing prior to use to freshen up the fabric. This giveaway also includes 2 Cowtan & Tout square samples (perfect for pillows), and Waverly “Fulham” fabric .
I just adore roses! So, my first fabric giveaway wouldn’t be quite as special without throwing in some vintage rose fabric remnants. This fabric is definitely beautiful enough to frame & hang on the wall. I know that anyone with a passion for fabric can do something special with these pieces.
I’d like to have a giveaway on a regular basis- perhaps weekly or monthly. So, let’s make this giveaway a success!
Ways to Enter
(US Residents)
1. Leave a comment below. What would you do with the fabric? Follow me on Twitter & retweet “RT & Follow @TondeleyaAllen for your chance to enter My Birthday Fabric Giveaway” (one entry) (If you have no comment, please include your email so I can contact you if you win)

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I’ll pick a winner at random by February 15th & announce the winner at the bottom of this post.
Thanks for stopping by!