Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Celebrating My 37th Birthday!

My birthday was a wonderful day. We had lunch at Applebees. My husband & babies made me feel so special all day (they always do). My kids say, "Mom, we always go to the nice restaurants on your birthday!" I sometimes believe they look forward to my birthdays more than I do. They anticipate & countdown each day that passes.  Birthdays are a big deal in our house. Not because of extravagant parties or big gifts. Rather, it's the special time the six of us get to share together, doing something different, maybe something we don't get to do everyday. We didn't get a big cake that defines a true celebration in my kids' minds. I opted for the Blue Ribbon Brownie at Applebees. It was so thick & rich. So, I took a little bite & pushed the plate over to my babies. And hey gladly handled the rest. To see them diving in, someone would've thought that neither of them had ever tasted sugar in their lives. They were happy. So, I was happy. I should've taken a photo of the plate when they were finished.

I just thank God for allowing me to see my 37th birthday. Yesterday morning, I was saddened to read about Mindy McCready (who was also 37) who won't get to see her little ones grow up. Reflecting on my life, the things others fight so hard to acquire in this world versus every true thing I truly possess, I feel blessed to have peace. I feel blessed to have Christ, His protection & favor. I feel blessed to share my life with my family. Just one day after my birthday, I look forward to keeping God the center of my life & dedicating all that I have to Him. I hope that His light shines through me. I hope that as this year progresses, I please Him more & more.

Blessings & love!!!!

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