Thursday, May 4, 2017

4 Reasons to Buy My New Book Now

4 Bonuses at the back of Honey in My Tea

1.  Open Letter to a Nostalgic Cheating Husband
2. What You Deserve (excerpt from The Blessed Woman Endeavor)
3. A Queen's Portion (excerpt from You Inspire Me) and
4. Leya's Yummy Pizza Dough Recipe (used by Erin in the book)

A reader emailed me to let me know that "Honey in My Tea is a really great read!"  
Read it free on Kindle Unlimited.  Don't have a Kindle reader?  No worries. Download the app to your phone or computer.

Erin Goodchild loves babies- everyone's babies. Erin has known since she was a little girl that she was born to be a mother. Life as a photographer and doting aunt assures that her life is full of children. Though, after thirteen years of marriage without a child of her own, she's teetering on the brink of insanity and brushing up against the point-of-no-return. Wanting just one little baby seems like such a simple desire, right?

Well, toss in medical issues, heartbreaks bigger than the ocean, and a husband who refuses to "cooperate" and you're in for an interesting roller coaster ride. Throw in Erin's wild, over-the-top family and friends, for a Southern journey that will leave you speechless, laughing, or smiling way down deep inside.

Desperate to make her dream of motherhood come true, there's no telling how far Erin will go. Can faith, patience, and love sustain her? Will she survive when the love she has for someone else collides with the love she has for herself?

Big-hearted and honest, Honey in My Tea explores different phases and colors of love, relationship, and family. Honey in My Tea shows us how confidence, bravery, and a new direction can help us learn who we really are and reveal inner strength we weren't certain we had.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

An Open Letter to a Nostalgic Cheating Husband

Here's an excerpt from a piece I wrote called

"An Open Letter to a Nostalgic Cheating Husband."

"Don’t tell me what she did for you or how perfect she made you feel, how she stroked your ego, making you think her love was real. In the eight months you were together, I bet she never prayed for you.  I bet she never got on her knees in this crazy world and asked the Lord in heaven to save you.  I bet she didn’t stay when fun took flight like golden-winged warblers and the storms arrived, promising to devour everything in sight.  I bet she never gave birth to the greatest blessings of your life.  Was it her?  No, it’s me who tells your children to show you respect and love for your sacrifice..."

You can read the entire letter (a bonus) at the end of my novel Honey in My Tea, now available on Amazon.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Winter, Winter, Where Art Thou?

I've been robbed.  Actually, I just feel like I've been robbed. Each year I long for winter.  It's my favorite season.  For me, nothing beats warm, fragrant lemon tea, hot chocolate, and soup with beautiful grilled cheese.  The crisp, cold air, which does nothing for my achy bones, provides welcomed breathing relief for my asthma.  No matter how cold you are, you can always add more layers.  When it's hot and miserable here in Georgia, even taking off your clothes doesn't help much.
This year, at least in my neck of the woods, winter has called in sick- a lot.  With breaking record temperatures, it's a wonder I can even function at all. The high temperature for today is 70 degrees. There are years when the Metro Atlanta area sees no snowfall during winter. Other years, just a dusting or one to two inches.  However, we're famous infamous for our dangerous black ice that people from other regions p'shaw. 
Just a few weeks ago, we were promised snow by our trusted meteorologists (I still love y'all), just to wake up disappointed.  Sure, we had a little ice on the trees and powerlines.  Some sleet fell.  As always, the higher elevations like Blairsville got their share of snow.  Us, nada.  So, the kids faced a sad morning.  To cheer them up, I reminded them how blessed we were that the lights were still on and no trees were down.  The other highlight of the day:  we had plenty of comfort food to snack on after our big "the snow is falling" store-run. 

I hate to complain, but what's this?  I love these little flowers.  They perfectly represent my favorite color, as well as possibility on the horizon.  Just look at that little blossom surrounded by those brown crunchy leaves and acorns.  Everything is in bloom here.  A couple of days ago, the pollen count was 1289, smack dab in the middle of February.  Bees are already buzzing around. I think I spotted a mosquito the other day. Our eyes are itchy.  Our throats are scratchy.  Our noses are congested.  Sinus pressure has us being a little snippier with one another.  It's so warm that I don't even have to keep my socks on when I'm in the house.

Technically, Spring is more than a month away.  Yet, it keeps peeking its head in the door.  I'm sure plenty of people are enjoying this warm trend.  Me? I just want my winter back.  Not too cold. Not too warm.  Just right.  Maybe winter will show up one last time for me.  When it shows its face, I'll comfort everyone with a nice, hot meal that sticks to the bones, snuggle up and rub tootsies under a few blankets and quilts, and watch a good ole 80s or 90s Lifetime movie that makes you so grateful for a roof over your head- since it's so crazy cold outside.

Monday, February 20, 2017

My New Book "You Inspire Me"

Inspirational, encouraging, and uplifting, "You Inspire Me" is a devotional straight from Tondeleya Allen's heart. An optimistic attitude and positive words are liquid gold that can benefit each of us every day. Readers will find tools to triumph struggles, overcome negative thinking, and marginalize the naysayers and dream killers in their lives. 

"You Inspire Me" explores the strength of women, our purpose in life, and steps that can be taken to transform our lives and make our dreams a reality. When we maintain hearts of gratitude and positive attitudes, there is no task we can't handle. 

Tondeleya Allen, author of "The Blessed Woman Endeavor," "You Really Do Deserve Me," and "A Good Sandwich Can Save a Marriage," believes that faith is the cure for what ails us and that women have enough grace and strength coursing through our veins to handle every ounce of pressure life sends our way.

Get your copy of You Inspire Me on Amazon.  The beautiful cover art was designed by Aristotle Allen. Stay tuned for my new novel "A Love That Breaks." Sign up for the Awesome Queen League newsletter to receive updates.  Don't worry; you'll only hear from me once a month.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Blessed Woman Endeavor Featured on Hometown Reads

What are you reading?  Are you supporting your local artists? Hometown Reads showcases amazing books from all genres.  What are you waiting on?  Get out there and read!

Check me out!  The Blessed Woman Endeavor, an inspirational book for women of faith, has made it big time...locally! It's now available on Amazon. Get yourself a copy. If you like it, leave a review.  If you love it (and I hope you do), tell a friend!  My other book You Really Do Deserve Me is also available on Amazon.

Decatur Girl Gets Featured on Hometown Reads.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

15 Ways to Make Your Hubby Feel Like a King

There are plenty of ways to make our husbands feel loved and cherished. Here's a quick list of 15 things you can consider doing to let your sweetie know just how much he means to you.


For certain men, food is key. Make a meal that your husband loves. What’s that special dish that really satisfies him? You know the one that he always raves about. Cook it for him. Save and offer him the big piece of chicken, biggest portion, or first dibs on the last piece of cheesecake. Don’t let the kids drink all of his favorite soda or devour his favorite chips. Be sure that your grocery list has some of his favorites on it.


Ask his opinion about important decisions, current affairs, and world events. It means a great deal to a man when the woman he loves cares about what he thinks.


Wait up for him on those late nights. Make his favorite sandwich or grilled cheese or just be up to talk a little about the day’s events.


Leave a little handwritten love note on the bathroom mirror or slip it into his wallet. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean every moment of sweet-little-nothings has flown out the window.


Physical affection is vital for men. Kiss him just because. Grab his hand while you’re driving or walking together. Put your arm around his shoulder. Snuggle up to him first. When we initiate affection, our men really feel wanted.


On a regular basis, tell him how grateful you are to have him in your life. Never take for granted that he already knows.


Send him an “I love you” text message. Let him know that you’re thinking of him when the two of you are apart.


Run a bubble bath for him when you know he has had a long, trying day.


Take an interest in his passion. Watch that ballgame with him. If bowling is his thing, tag along and try your best to rack up some strikes.


Go where he wants to go. Whether it’s a matter of restaurant, vacation, or sporting goods store, make his choice THE go-to choice.


Stand by your man. Support him in situations that come up with your family. Be on his side.


Even if it’s just in a conversation, express some passion about what matters to him. If you understand what he’s feeling, make sure he knows that he’s not alone.


In all of our 25 years together, my husband has given me plenty of flowers and balloons. One day it dawned on me. Maybe my husband would like flowers too. I stood in the Kroger floral department for at least fifteen minutes, trying to decide between vibrant pastel daisies and beautiful roses. When I arrived home with deep-red roses for him, the look of surprise on his face was priceless. Yeah, a few guys poked fun of him on Facebook for getting flowers from a girl, but it was definitely a hit for our memory book.


Share your dreams with him and ask him about his. Work together to achieve the dreams and goals the two of you have.


Always remember to ask your husband, “Do you need me to get something for you? How can I help you? What can I do for you?”

Constant love, care, and consideration will go a long way in a marriage. When both people are always thinking about the other person, the union thrives, issues are promptly addressed, and each day is sweeter than the day before.

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