Tuesday, July 12, 2016

15 Ways to Make Your Hubby Feel Like a King

There are plenty of ways to make our husbands feel loved and cherished. Here's a quick list of 15 things you can consider doing to let your sweetie know just how much he means to you.


For certain men, food is key. Make a meal that your husband loves. What’s that special dish that really satisfies him? You know the one that he always raves about. Cook it for him. Save and offer him the big piece of chicken, biggest portion, or first dibs on the last piece of cheesecake. Don’t let the kids drink all of his favorite soda or devour his favorite chips. Be sure that your grocery list has some of his favorites on it.


Ask his opinion about important decisions, current affairs, and world events. It means a great deal to a man when the woman he loves cares about what he thinks.


Wait up for him on those late nights. Make his favorite sandwich or grilled cheese or just be up to talk a little about the day’s events.


Leave a little handwritten love note on the bathroom mirror or slip it into his wallet. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean every moment of sweet-little-nothings has flown out the window.


Physical affection is vital for men. Kiss him just because. Grab his hand while you’re driving or walking together. Put your arm around his shoulder. Snuggle up to him first. When we initiate affection, our men really feel wanted.


On a regular basis, tell him how grateful you are to have him in your life. Never take for granted that he already knows.


Send him an “I love you” text message. Let him know that you’re thinking of him when the two of you are apart.


Run a bubble bath for him when you know he has had a long, trying day.


Take an interest in his passion. Watch that ballgame with him. If bowling is his thing, tag along and try your best to rack up some strikes.


Go where he wants to go. Whether it’s a matter of restaurant, vacation, or sporting goods store, make his choice THE go-to choice.


Stand by your man. Support him in situations that come up with your family. Be on his side.


Even if it’s just in a conversation, express some passion about what matters to him. If you understand what he’s feeling, make sure he knows that he’s not alone.


In all of our 25 years together, my husband has given me plenty of flowers and balloons. One day it dawned on me. Maybe my husband would like flowers too. I stood in the Kroger floral department for at least fifteen minutes, trying to decide between vibrant pastel daisies and beautiful roses. When I arrived home with deep-red roses for him, the look of surprise on his face was priceless. Yeah, a few guys poked fun of him on Facebook for getting flowers from a girl, but it was definitely a hit for our memory book.


Share your dreams with him and ask him about his. Work together to achieve the dreams and goals the two of you have.


Always remember to ask your husband, “Do you need me to get something for you? How can I help you? What can I do for you?”

Constant love, care, and consideration will go a long way in a marriage. When both people are always thinking about the other person, the union thrives, issues are promptly addressed, and each day is sweeter than the day before.

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