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"Your necklace is absolutely stunning! It is so beautiful, creative, and unique! My friend will love it for her special day! Thanks for your creativity." (Black White Green Wish Textile Necklace) John H., California

Dear leya,

I received the package today. I must say I am impressed. It's beautiful and fits well (vintage butterfly gown). I hope to enjoy sleeping in it for many a night. But what impressed me most was the care and grace with which you packed it. I didn't want to open it. The gentle wrapping, the ribbon with a bow, and the hand written note. I have always maintained that Rosslyn Carter was the best First Lady because she was the epitome of a true southern Lady. You rank right up there with her. I consider it a blessing to have had the opportunity to do business with such a kind and gentle woman. Thank you.

- dowdelwoodp  3/3/2014
Dear Leya & Aristotle,

I LOVE the John Denver doll !!!!! I'm going to find a plaid shirt (he only wears plaid) with a skinny pen pocket and stick it in there and give it to him for Valentines Day - he'll have his own pocket pal for inspiration when he sings.

Thanks so much - what fun!

Mary Ellen

- marshsong

Just to let you know.....  My friend thought the pillow was just beautiful.  This was sent to her as a combination birthday and new apartment housewarming gift.   When I saw was perfect   (2 gifts in l).  It arrived yesterday, which was her birthday.  Thanks so much, Diane

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Nov-04-13 14:42
Eddie Van Halen Primitive iCONS Collectible Art Doll (#141104794647)

Hi Leya:
Just wanted you to know that I received your beautiful art work today. I am just thrilled. It looks like my little granddaughter and I am so thankful that you took the time to make it special for me. It will be hung in a special place. Take care and thank you again.
Sharon  10/16/13

thank you two sooo much for the awesome beastie package! im glad i found your work aristotle! i will be keeping my eye on your stuff...i have alot of steve keene work of the beasties...thanks again....i know these dolls are made with love and truly blessed by yours and gods hands....these are in a loving home! hahahaha........thanks again....oneluv....torston.djibt...detroitnowdenver... (Beastie Boys, Torston Lovelace, Colorado)

you know my style!!  wow...i feeel like you made these for me! hahaha.....super awesome work again! i see you aristotle!   love the leather jackets they are wearing...i have a matching one i purchased from adidas in 1986.....i also have the matching silver chain/adidas shoe necklace they wore all the time...adidas made 1,000 of these in 1985.......thanks sending some pics to my friends now! oneluv.torston.djibt.detroitnowdenver

Thank you soooo much.   Please let me know if you make more.  Please.  I am very grateful. I promise to buy more.  I love green!!! Olive and lime!!!!! Hint hint!!!

- images-4-you 8/2/13

HOLY WOW! I LOVE HER!!!! YAY! I am just completely blown away by these....truly!
Thanks, Leya! The other one arrived today and she is just amazing! I love her! I can't wait to see this one, too!
Have a great weekend, also!
Thanks! Denise (& Hector)

 my sister just loved the Elvis doll! Thank you and your husband so much again!


Hi Leya and Aristotle,

The Doris Day doll is beautiful!!  Aristotle did excellent work!!  I am so happy with her!  It was worth the wait.  I hope you are well.  Again thanks for all the beautiful work you have made possible for me!

Best Regards,

John H.

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