Friday, June 10, 2016

Wild Child Bohemian Boho Yellow Textile Necklace

* Wild Child Bohemian Yellow Textile Necklace
Part of my new collection, this one-of-a-kind textile necklace is fun, lively, expressive, imperfect, eclectic, unconventional, genuine and simple, yet brave. And you won't see another one exactly like it.

* Comprised of new vintage Dick Tracy cotton
* 1 long strand (sewn on my sewing machine) is accented with an assortment of beads (size, style and color).  The beads are only sewn on ONE side of the necklace.

* This necklace measures approximately 90" long.

* Colors: yellow, pink, black, white

* Bead colors: 

* All beads were hand-sewn with red thread

* This necklace is so long it can be doubled or tripled around your neck.  It can be wrapped and/or twisted around your wrist and knotted to take up any slack.  It can be folded in half, placed around your neck and then tied in a knot in front (see the 5th photo).  It can even be tied around your head as a headband.

* Proudly made here in the USA, never mass-produced

* Whenever possible, to add more charm and character, I use vintage fabrics, buttons & other accents & include recycled/re-purposed elements. 

* Due to the length of the necklace, it may be shipped folded or coiled/wrapped in bubble wrap. Thanks for understanding!

* To ensure this item will last, spot cleaning is recommended. Please do not shower, swim or bathe while wearing.  Due to handcrafting, no two items are ever alike.  Please expect variation in color, stitching and patterns.

* Fabric, vintage buttons and colors speak to me, excite me, and shout of creative possibilities.  Even the smallest bits and pieces of exquisite fabrics are cherished and nestled away, where they wait to become an integral part of just the right project.   
 Hours of love and attention to detail went into this wearable art.  This necklace is accented with stitching, beads and charms. Hand-stitching as well as machine-stitching were used to put this piece together.  
I loved making this necklace and I hope it speaks to you and your individuality. I hope you'll be proud to call it your own.  Perhaps this vibrant piece can become one of your favorites.

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