Friday, June 10, 2016

The Blessed Woman Endeavor

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Read an excerpt from "I Am Enough"

"You belong to the Lord.  His faithful hand rests on you.  Your portion of eternal love is set.  Always know your worth.  You are a complete, content and confident conqueror.   You’re a survivor.  The championship ring has already been won.  Your past trials are now victories under your belt.  His staff of beauty and favor remains intact regarding you.  In Christ, you have no fear.  It’s the enemy who should be somewhere afraid and trembling.  You know who you are and what belongs to you.  You can really start living when you know your worth in Christ.
Never a fan of the convincing game, you refuse to waste a minute trying to convert anyone into a believer.  You’ve discovered that fitting in neither works nor lasts.  The world is way too fickle.  You see yourself as the Lord sees you and the picture is amazing.  You refuse to let others ask you to take an emotional seat at the back of the bus.
The world screams, “Don’t love yourself.  Compare yourself.  Doubt yourself.   Subdue yourself.  Be someone else.  Just sit down and let someone else.”  The world wants you to feel that you need society’s stamp of approval.  The world wants you to buy into its standard of beauty.  The world wants you to beg to be loved.
I have some good news for you.  Your beauty is not everyone else’s beauty.  The Lord, a magnificent artist, must love variety.  Your uniqueness.  Your heart.  Your eyes.  Your smile.  Your ideas.  Your creativity.  What a gift you are to the world.  Romance, nurture and cherish yourself.  Go right ahead and love yourself.   When you love yourself just as you are, the right people will love you too."

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