Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pink Vintage Sheet Music Flower Hair Clip

This is really a lovely GIFT idea! A definite head-turner, conversation piece. I love receiving custom orders. If you need another color, a bridal package, a smaller flower or a brooch, please let me know. 

Lovingly handcrafted by me for you! I've been creating  for as long as I can remember. I enjoy creating in different mediums.  This piece is truly a OOAK (one of a kind)! Hours of work went into creating it. I love fabric & textiles. I love to create with recycled & reclaimed items. Crafted from cotton fabric, measuring 5 1/2" across, this flower is definitely no shrinking violet. This handcrafted flower is accented in the center with vintage sheet music. Each bead & sequin was sewn on by hand.  Each petal was sewn by hand. The edges of the petals are raw. The petals, however, have been treated to control the fraying. The back is finished with felt.

This flower would be pretty worn on the side, accenting a ponytail or sitting directly on top of the head. It's all up to you & whatever best suits your style. Please keep in mind that the tip of the clip (not completely covered by the petals) can be seen, depending on the hairstyle you're wearing. The tip is hidden more if you have some volume to your hairstyle or your hair is curly like the mannequin "Clara."

The flower is attached to a  3 1/2" duck bill clip.  This item should NEVER be tossed in the washer.

I'm extremely pleased with how this flower came together & hope that you like it enough to make it your own. This hair clip would make a lovely gift as well.

This is available for sale at Allen & GRACE!

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