Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Winter, Winter, Where Art Thou?

I've been robbed.  Actually, I just feel like I've been robbed. Each year I long for winter.  It's my favorite season.  For me, nothing beats warm, fragrant lemon tea, hot chocolate, and soup with beautiful grilled cheese.  The crisp, cold air, which does nothing for my achy bones, provides welcomed breathing relief for my asthma.  No matter how cold you are, you can always add more layers.  When it's hot and miserable here in Georgia, even taking off your clothes doesn't help much.
This year, at least in my neck of the woods, winter has called in sick- a lot.  With breaking record temperatures, it's a wonder I can even function at all. The high temperature for today is 70 degrees. There are years when the Metro Atlanta area sees no snowfall during winter. Other years, just a dusting or one to two inches.  However, we're famous infamous for our dangerous black ice that people from other regions p'shaw. 
Just a few weeks ago, we were promised snow by our trusted meteorologists (I still love y'all), just to wake up disappointed.  Sure, we had a little ice on the trees and powerlines.  Some sleet fell.  As always, the higher elevations like Blairsville got their share of snow.  Us, nada.  So, the kids faced a sad morning.  To cheer them up, I reminded them how blessed we were that the lights were still on and no trees were down.  The other highlight of the day:  we had plenty of comfort food to snack on after our big "the snow is falling" store-run. 

I hate to complain, but what's this?  I love these little flowers.  They perfectly represent my favorite color, as well as possibility on the horizon.  Just look at that little blossom surrounded by those brown crunchy leaves and acorns.  Everything is in bloom here.  A couple of days ago, the pollen count was 1289, smack dab in the middle of February.  Bees are already buzzing around. I think I spotted a mosquito the other day. Our eyes are itchy.  Our throats are scratchy.  Our noses are congested.  Sinus pressure has us being a little snippier with one another.  It's so warm that I don't even have to keep my socks on when I'm in the house.

Technically, Spring is more than a month away.  Yet, it keeps peeking its head in the door.  I'm sure plenty of people are enjoying this warm trend.  Me? I just want my winter back.  Not too cold. Not too warm.  Just right.  Maybe winter will show up one last time for me.  When it shows its face, I'll comfort everyone with a nice, hot meal that sticks to the bones, snuggle up and rub tootsies under a few blankets and quilts, and watch a good ole 80s or 90s Lifetime movie that makes you so grateful for a roof over your head- since it's so crazy cold outside.

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