Monday, February 20, 2017

My New Book "You Inspire Me"

Inspirational, encouraging, and uplifting, "You Inspire Me" is a devotional straight from Tondeleya Allen's heart. An optimistic attitude and positive words are liquid gold that can benefit each of us every day. Readers will find tools to triumph struggles, overcome negative thinking, and marginalize the naysayers and dream killers in their lives. 

"You Inspire Me" explores the strength of women, our purpose in life, and steps that can be taken to transform our lives and make our dreams a reality. When we maintain hearts of gratitude and positive attitudes, there is no task we can't handle. 

Tondeleya Allen, author of "The Blessed Woman Endeavor," "You Really Do Deserve Me," and "A Good Sandwich Can Save a Marriage," believes that faith is the cure for what ails us and that women have enough grace and strength coursing through our veins to handle every ounce of pressure life sends our way.

Get your copy of You Inspire Me on Amazon.  The beautiful cover art was designed by Aristotle Allen. Stay tuned for my new novel "A Love That Breaks." Sign up for the Awesome Queen League newsletter to receive updates.  Don't worry; you'll only hear from me once a month.

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