Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Road You're Traveling

The road you’re traveling right now may be rough and have more detours than you believe one person can handle. The Lord will reward your faithfulness and strength.  Just keep the faith.  Stay dedicated to your assignment.  Trust the Lord to continue your progress.
Everyone won’t understand your decision to keep moving in the same direction.  People have ideas about how long is too long to stay engaged in one certain area.  When most people don’t see huge “measurable” amounts of success, they tend to give up.  Oftentimes, people base their level of commitment to a goal on external influences.  When they realize that others see no value in their idea, they sadly accept that as truth.  But not us.  We know how it feels to have a “yes” from the Lord take root and bloom in our hearts.
There may be times when people will fight against your process, by trying to discourage you.  They may even remind you of how little time there’s left to really make anything happen.  They may advise you to stay on the safe path and avoid anything new and uncertain. Whenever you’re feeling blah and you need someone to give you encouraging words, you may find yourself alone. You may even have to celebrate your own milestones and pat yourself on the back.
It’s all right though.  You have to know deep down inside that there’s just no other road for you to take.  The consuming fire that God has set in you is way too strong for you to turn back now.  The excitement you feel when you allow yourself to imagine the dream already being yours is too thrilling to ignore.  Walking away now and staying bound to status quo just makes no sense to you.
Reject any fear and doubt that tries to creep into the tight spaces in your mind.  Fear doesn’t pay any rent or contribute to your well-being in any way.  So, why let it stay?  Shield your heart from the noise desperately trying to pierce it.  Pray and ask the Lord to renew your mind every day and to let your dream pulsate like soothing music in your veins.
Now is the time to be braver than ever.  Now is the time for your purpose to escort you into tomorrow.  Now is the time to push comfort and complacency back. If necessary, use the biggest stick you’ve got.  Do whatever you have to do to hold on for dear life to your heart’s desire.  Now is the time to ignore dream killers.  Now is the time to meditate on everything you can gain– not your possible losses.  Now is the time to wake up every morning with victory on your mind.  Now is the time to believe you can make it, to know that this is what you were meant to do.  Now is the time to find your joy and stamp it across your heart.

Do it now.  Don’t waste your time trying to get everyone on board.  The permission or participation of others is not required.  Use every drop of energy to advance your dream.  Believing in yourself is a great idea.  Your spirit is unbreakable.  Every hurdle is conquerable.  The road may have bumps, but there are no walls.  There are no walls to box you in.  There are no walls to block your view.  You’re in God’s country now.  Your dream is achievable.  I’m hoping and praying for you.  Let’s go!

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