Friday, April 15, 2016

A New Beginning

Ever take the time to look at the drab and dreary trees that line the gray winter sky?  However dry and sparse in appearance, winter trees are still standing, firmly rooted.  At the core, bundled safely away inside, lies unseen potential and promise.  In a very important way, we are often like those trees.  Exposed to the harsh elements, we wait, rest and grow stronger, just anticipating the right time and circumstances to bloom.
Today may not look exactly as we want.  While we may not have all we desire or everything we think we should have, we are present for another day.  This day contains so much possibility and is a perfect backdrop for a new beginning.
No matter where you’ve been, what you’ve done or how much you’ve lost, you can always get your life moving in a new direction.  The time is seldom perfect and your first step may only have a sliver of light shining on it, but you can get moving. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7 NKJV
Don’t be afraid of making a wrong turn.  Don’t procrastinate because you’re afraid to start or afraid of rejection.  Don’t allow mistakes, experiences or what others think of you shackle you to the past.  Despite any obstacles you face, you can excel.  Your past does not have to define you and can only keep you captive if you allow it.  Make sure your actions are deliberate.  If it’s only an inch at a time, keep moving toward your new horizon.  Allow your faith and determination to lead your life in a more positive direction.   You are free to move higher, forward and upward.
What’s making you uncomfortable?  What are you sick and tired of in your life?  Unfortunate circumstances or undesired realities can be just what you need to get energized.  Ever feel trapped by missed opportunities, or the responsibility and obligations of your life?  Tired of how or where you live or the conditions at work?  Let that discomfort or dread be your fuel.
Let the Lord give you something fresh and new.  Believe it or not, He can bless you in your current situation.  Your heart screams out and vibrates for the chance to begin again, to show life just what’s inside of you.
Ever get the feeling that God is about to do something special in your life?  He’s about to open the door to the situation you feel imprisons you.  Joseph had a word from the Lord and knew he wouldn’t die in prison.  Unaware of the day or hour of his release, his heart knew that the day would come when a new beginning would be his reality.  Let’s praise the Lord now for His promises and the blessings your faith knows will be manifested later.
Set your goals and hopes before you.  Be determined to build something. Your expectations and hopes keep you vibrant.  Focus on areas where you are strong.  Keep track of what has worked for you.  Remember past successes and never forget how the Lord dealt with your anxieties and uncertainties by turning them into beautiful stories of survival.
You may feel lost, weighted down, off track, off in a ditch or stuck, but you can begin to turn the tide.  Perhaps trying a new way will yield better results.  Maybe a brook of long-standing provision suddenly dries up.  Well, now is your opportunity for new challenges, reimagined solutions and growth – the proof of life.  Remember that the greatest rewards are rarely attached to the easiest challenges.  Tough trials and roads lead to triumphs and victories.
In Christ, you are a new creation.   A new beginning can be yours.  So, let go of the death grip you have on your disappointments in life, yourself and others.  Grab hold of all the glory and confidence your future holds.  Commit to your new journey.

Other new creatures learn to walk, talk, run, fly and care for themselves?  What new thing will you do?  What will you learn to do in a new way?  What hurdles will you jump?  What bridges will you build?  What fears will you face and smash?  What offenses will you forgive?  What love will you give?  What gift will you share?  What dreams will you cherish?  How high will you soar?  How bright and warm will your new beginning be?

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