Monday, June 26, 2017

Your Bucket List

Just the other day, my family drove to Candler Park. It was quite the perfect spring day.  All four kids darted off to claim a swing, a rung on the monkey bars, or chase lightning bugs.  My husband and I headed toward our favorite bench, perfect for keeping our eyes on the kids.

Before I made it to the bench though, I noticed a flyer attached to the lightpost.  It was an advertisement for a local pop-up shop event.  Just the photo alone boasted exquisite linens, pillows, and other handmade wares for sale.  I thought, what a fantastic idea, but I said, with a huff, "Why can't I do that?  Why can't I have a sale, too?"

As soon as those words escaped my lips, I turned to my husband and asserted, "I could do that.  Yes, I can have a sale, too."  He nodded and verbalized his support.

So, what if time has gone by like 'sands through the hourglass?'  Time flies when we're having fun. It's far too easy to lose time and miss opportunities when life makes a million demands on us.  Old dreams that once pumped through our hearts have gone unfulfilled and lay tucked away in a forgotten chest in the attic.

Despite our intentions, life just had other plans for us.  The road we've traveled has been more about the needs and expectations of everyone else.  The hours have been about arriving at the destination of someone else's choosing.

Here is the truth.  You can make a new bucket list today. Cater this new list of aspirations to all your experiences, strengths, and yearnings.  Put little things, big things, even "silly" unusual things on the list.  No matter our age, the honest pursuit of a goal can be more fulfilling and more intoxicating than checking off gifts on a Christmas wish list.

If you desire and choose, it is possible to move in a completely new direction.  Be bold enough to paint in your mind a picture of your life- the one in your wildest dreams.  Dare to claim what others believe you can never achieve and should never attempt.  Have the courage to move things around, usher in new players if necessary, and take a chance on yourself.

Let your new bucket list or the revised one give you power.  Yes, there may be obstacles.  However, the no's we believe and tell ourselves daily remain our largest hurdles.  Like bullies, those negative thoughts stand guard against hope.  Now is the time to stand up for yourself.  Those bullies can't tell you 'no' or shut you down any longer.

You can pursue any goal you witness.  You can dream any dream.  Moving forward and upward toward your dream is possible for you.  If you see anyone else on the planet doing it, achieving it, or living it, it is possible for you.  You are exceptional enough to be dedicated enough to make it happen. There is time to do what you love.  You can live life in a way that's meaningful to you.  With faith, patience, and determination, you can make your bucket list come true, too.

* * *

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