Friday, May 13, 2016

Room for What Inspires You

Most of us have to make a living in this world. There are few, if any, ways for us to avoid the responsibilities and requirements of breathing on planet Earth.
Most of us have at least five entities in our pockets reaching for their portion of our money.  The mortgage companies, leasing offices, power companies, credit card companies, grocery stores, and governments could care less about the quality of your life or the dominion God has already given to you.  Their bottom line stays strong and shines when we’re in full acceptance of the status quo.  They don’t want you to grow and change because it may threaten their grip and control over you.  Think of the sacrifice of time you dedicate to your financial obligations.  Then ask yourself if what you’re receiving is worth what you’re giving.
While we’re living for the weekend, six weeks of maternity leave, planning our little two-week vacation, calling in sick just to have me-time, and counting down the years until retirement, someone is free to be, to think, to plan, to rest, and to breathe.  They are free to be free.
How are their rights greater than yours?  Are they more-deserving than the rest of us?  Most of us can’t just walk away from our lives.  Most of us can’t instantly take our circumstances and make a complete U-turn into the lap of freedom.  Our responsibilities are just too deep and long-standing.  We can’t just change our minds.  Many of our commitments carry penalties for cancellations. We’ve had to make promises and sign in blood, but no one has to promise us anything.  No one carries any responsibilities to us.
In the face of all these facts and the current life choices on our plates, we can get back to what inspires us. We are responsible to what inspires us.
Let’s make room for our dreams.  Your spirit knows what it wants…needs actually.  As adults, we have been taught to make paying bills a priority.  I’ve heard, “It’s what adults do” in many conversations.  For some, it seems to be the only badge of adulthood.  Paying bills. We receive bills in the mail and are then prompted to receive electronic notices.  You know, to save the trees, the rain forest, and the planet… and mailing costs for the companies.  We write due dates and amounts down on calendars, to do lists, dry erase boards, and post them on our fridges.  We call to make payment arrangements.  We have financial meetings with our spouses.  Sometimes we argue about bills.  There’s no doubt about it. Bills have a dedicated place in our lives.  
Reaching for our dreams – if just a little every day, should be a priority as well.  Don’t let your priorities stop you from setting goals. Don’t let the fear of criticism stop you or dampen your enthusiasm.  If you have to travel alone, enjoy the journey.  Take your “I always wanted to” and create a life that will make you proud that you tried.  Fill the free moments of your life with what thrills you, what makes you smile.

God has blessed each of us with a special gift, calling or talent.  What has He instructed you to do?  You have light to share with the world.  Make room for it.  Offer respect according to its significance and value.  Have conversations about it.  Strategize for and prioritize it.  Make to-do lists in honor of it.  Yearn for it.  Seek it out now like today is your last day.  Dare to believe in it first.  That’s what adults do.  In time, God will send quality people who will believe in it too.  

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